Friday, June 15, 2012

The night goes on

I'm Peter, the man who is with Sharon I've just met her in this bar and we've ordered a drink. She's nice and funny; I was really lucky I met her because I don't like drinking alone, not after this awful day. I don't want to go with my wife

The seventh... Lover

I've been a barman for a long time, so I know all the customers. One of them is a woman who usually wears red dresses. She often comes here with men and asks me to put poison on their drinks! There's another man who seems to control her...

The night goes on

I'm preapring two drinks, a dry martini and a whiskey, for this couple that has just arrived. Although the man seems married , I think she's not his wife. The man on my left is looking at them a lot. It seems he is following them.

The night goes on

I feel more than exhausted and see myself as a grumpy detective at this time of the day. It's so late!
I'm so bored with all this tracing and following people....
And now this stupid couple said they want to go to a night club!
I wonder if I'll survive.

The seventh...Lover

I met her two weeks ago. She is the woman of my dreams. I can't live without her. I can't stop thinking on her so I've just phoned her and we are going to meet in our special place. I'm so nervous because I'm going to ask her to marry me.

The Seventh...Lover

I´m here again with this poor man. We´ve been going out for half a year and he seems to be quite hooked on me. Now it´s the time. I´m going to hint the barman and he´ll poison his drink. Then, we´ll get all his money and choose another victim.

The night goes on

I'm Sharon. I'm a dancer and I'm performing at a late show. I just ordered a dry martini and I'm now talking to Peter, the man next to me. I wasn't in a chatting mood when I got here, but I must confess he's attractive. I wonder if he's married...